Sterlings laatste voorspelling

In zijn laatste column voor Wired, hij gaat verder met bloggen, maakt Bruce Sterling aardige observaties:

‘The future of the Internet lies not with institutions but with individuals. Low-cost connections will proliferate, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and telecommuting. The Net itself will recede into the background. If you’re under 21, you likely don’t care much about any supposed difference between virtual and actual, online and off. That’s because the two realms are penetrating each other; Google Earth mingles with Google Maps, and daily life shows up on Flickr. Like the real world, the Net will be increasingly international and decreasingly reliant on English. It will be wrapped in a Chinese kung fu outfit, intoned in an Indian accent, oozing Brazilian sex appeal.’

Tot slot: ‘One upshot is that futurism itself has no future.’ Wat doet denken aan Francisco’s stuk in Bright over de verdwenen toekomst.